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ezContract, LLC


Q: How does your ezContract license work? 

A: All of our licenses are per person.  One person per license, on as many computers, phones, cloud services or tablets as this one person uses.  Examples:  A sole practitioner needs only one license.  An agent and assistant if both use ezContract, two licenses are required.  An office with 88 agents and assistants using ezContract would need a license (100) for at least 88 people.

Q: Can I download my contracts right now? 

A: Yes, you will be able to download your contracts directly after purchasing them in our online store.  Note: After downloading your contracts, you likely will find your file in your Download folder on your hard drive, if not you can search your hard drive for “ezContract” or select “Show in Folder” during the download.  The contracts folder you purchased has been “Zipped” to make it easier to download, however you MUST UNZIP it or “Extract” it before using it.  To start using your contracts first Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop your file into your Documents folder or set up a file for ezContract on your cloud service and put it there.  Once in the folder you wish to keep it, you can extract the file by right clicking on it and selecting "Extract."  Now start writing contracts. 

(Yes you can open your contracts without first unzipping your file, but you will have problems later guaranteed.)

Q: How do I secure Electronic Signatures, add my logo, save my files, email files, fill in forms, convert contracts to .pdf, add photos to the contracts, sign with my finger and answer other questions? 

A: Included in our contract package is a Quick Start Guide that gives you a good practical overview of how to quickly set up your ezContract system and use it in a way that helps you create contracts quickly and accurately every time.  In addition to the Quick Start Guide we also include instructions for you to send to your client to help them navigate the contract easily too.

Q: Are your forms consistent with the changes of the Real Estate Commission and or the Realtor Association? 

A: Yes, we only sell current forms.  Current subscribers can expect via email an update quickly after release of any new forms from the Commission or Association.

Q: If ezContract is so much better than the other contract programs, why is it priced lower? What’s the catch? 

A: ezContract is fundamentally different than the old outmoded contract software programs because ezContract is NOT a software program; rather a library of Microsoft Word documents.  Other contract vendors have produced their own proprietary systems that prevent you from sharing your contracts with others (except by paper) and these systems are notoriously unreliable and problematic.  They must charge more for their software because it requires more training and support to keep it operational.  ezContract on the other hand are simple, specialized Microsoft Word documents that can be shared with anyone, (we thought that sharing would have a value).  In addition, Word documents are completely reliable, we have virtually no support issues.  Win-win. 

Q: What version of Word do I need to use?   

ezContract requires Word 2007 or newer, 2007, 2010 and 2013 as well as Word for MAC 2008 and 2011.


Q: What kind of training is offered/required? 

A: ezContracts are highly specialized Microsoft Word documents, if you can open and save a Word document, you already know how to use ezContract. A manual is included to better describe electronic signatures, inserting a logo and other time-saving suggestions. 

Q: What is an electronic signature and can I use an electronic signature with ezContract?

 A: An electronic signature may be added above all appropriate signature blanks within ezContract.  Electronic signatures are simply pictures of your signature, a scanned image, inserted into the contract. You may use a stylus and signing pad or even your mouse or finger to sign.  Digital signatures is a feature within Word 2007, and 2010 that may also be used.  There are several fee-based digital signature services that will work with ezContract too.  An electronic signature may be added by you, and or your clients for a legally binding contract without the need of a paper contract.  Electronic signatures are the perfect complement to emailed contracts or Cloud based contracts, the wave of the future, and “Green” too! 

Q:  I can personalize my contracts by adding my logo, but can I “pre-fill” and save repetitive information in each form to save time? 

A: Yes, you can go through each form you will use and look to insert information that will be the same in each form you will complete.  Once you're finished, just “save” the form with your changes so they appear each time you open a new form.  This is a big time-saver right when you need it most.

 Q:  Who is responsible for the suitability, accuracy and completeness of the contracts?

 By commission rule, each broker has the obligation and responsibility to verify that each form used fully complies with the Real Estate Commission’s rules.  We can tell you that is one heck of a big responsibility!  Choose your contract vendor wisely. ezContract is a good choice.

Q: Can I input client names once and have it go to all related contracts?

A: No, you will need to type it in each form you prepare.  You can have two contracts open simultaneously and cut and paste from one to the other. That's ez!

Q:  Can I insert a photo in my inspection notice?

A:  Sure, they say a pictures is worth a thousand words. This idea is available on nearly all forms; it is surprising how handy this can be.

Q:  Can I link related contracts together so I don’t forget one?

 A: Of course.  You can arrange your contract templates into any folder system you wish to create.  You can set up your system however you like; it's ez.

Q: How much room do I have for the information I input?

 A: How about unlimited?  *Each blank can grow to as large as it needs to be, and conversely will be small if unused.  Creating a custom tailored contract for your particular needs.
*Currently Texas (TREC) requires all blank spaces to be fixed in length, so we have disabled this capability in TREC forms. Real ezContracts are fixed in length, but the font will automatically reduce in size to accommodate extra input.

Q: How do I store completed contracts as electronic files?

 A: There are many ways.  You are free to use the system that makes the best sense to you.  We recommend setting up a folder for each client and saving all forms for that client into their own folder.  When you revise contracts you may rename the new form #2, #3 and so on, to maintain a history of all offers prepared.  In addition to ezContracts, you may want to store all your electronic files for this client in their folder including photos, MLS information, reports, settlement documents, commitments, correspondence, flyer templates and other transaction related files. Also please see our information on Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft OneDrive (free, formerly called SkyDrive) for cloud storage direct from Word.

Q: Can I change the preprinted language?

A: No, by the Commission’s rule, all preprinted text (except fill-in blanks) must be protected from inadvertent changes.

Q: What is our return policy?

A: Our policy is no returns.  Please be sure you are ordering the proper products.  Once you buy and download a product, we have no way to know whether the product has been “returned” as you may still have retained a copy.